We were delighted to welcome back our guests to Ceolwulph Cottage in July, albeit with certain prescribed government conditions being met. Therefore, our revised protocols have intensified our cleaning and safety requirements to help protect our guests, our staff and our family. You can see the new protocols HERE.

Things will be slightly different from the usual and we ask for your co-operation with a few things when you visit in order to helps us adhere to the government guideline and the latest hospitality industry standards.

Cleaning will take extra time – we now have to essentially ‘double clean’. We do the usual high level of cleaning to remove the daily build-up of debris, dust and other stuff. After a thorough clean, we then work our way through the cottage with a virucidal sanitiser approved by DEFRA for the coronavirus and with a log kill rate of 7 (i.e., 99.99999%) to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. This virucidal reverts back to water, cardon dioxide and oxygen within 24 hours yet leaves a protective film on surfaces for a while to help protect against viruses that maybe shed by people after the sanitising process. We also have to re-wash crockery, cutlery and glass (even the clean stuff) between guests stays. We spray the virucidal solution onto carpets, bedding, pillows, curtains, rugs, etc; as well as thoroughly disinfect all high touch points and flat surfaces throughout the cottage. As you can probably realise…

All of this means that we need extra time to clean between guests departing and guests arriving, so our arrival time is now 5pm (rather than 4pm) and our departure time remains at 10am, unless there has been a vacancy prior to your arrival which means that the cottage is already in a ‘Good to Go’ condition – if so, we will adjust the arrival time and inform you of the earlier arrival time in advance . However, for the majority of bookings, our new standard arrival time is 6pm. We understand that this may be inconvenient for you but it is really important that we adhere to the government conditions to make the cottage as safe as we can. Please help us by observing your arrival time confirmation. You can of course arrive earlier and park up in front of the cottage, then go for a lovely walk or enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or pint of something to quench your thirst whilst we continue to make the cottage ‘Good to Go’ at the agreed arrival time.

Cleaning Products are supplied in the cottage for you to use as you often as you wish. We supply washing-up liquid, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, a ‘4 in 1’ anti-viral, anti-bacterial, disinfectant spray tested to EN14476 standard as well as other useful cleaning items including Duck toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.

A Covid Care pack is also supplied in the cottage welcome basket. It contains a few pairs of disposable gloves, a few masks and a small pack of anti-viral hand wipes in case you have forgotten to bring any with you.

We kindly ask that you strip your beds on your departure day – whilst we appreciate that is not the ‘norm’ to have to do this, it helps to keep us safe as since 7 out of 10 people who have had the antibody test did not have any symptoms, so the Government is advising that we must assume someone in your party COULD be carrying the virus. The airborne virus is considered the main route via which people contract the virus, which is why they are advising accommodation providers to ask guests to strip their beds as in doing so the virus can become airborne.

Please empty all bins including the bathroom bins and put that into the outside bins.

Please fill the dishwasher with a full load of crockery and cutlery and set it running with your breakfast items before leaving – please do not empty it if it has finished before you leave! We are now required to re-wash everything between guests, so it would be helpful if you could put all the plates, cups, cutlery in the dishwasher as well as your breakfast things.

Somethings maybe missing – to reduce the risk of touch contamination we have been advised to remove as much as possible from our cottage. Therefore, our throws, decorative cushions, ornaments, toys, games, information leaflets, books, etc, have been reduced to a minimum. We have also reduced the quantity of some kitchen items as it is still a big task to wash everything in the time available. Regardless of whether it is clean, it still must be washed.

If you develop symptoms – we really hope that you have a health and enjoyable holiday. However, should you or a member or your party develop any covid symptoms , the Government advice is to return to your home (primary residence) and self-isolate there for 7 days and up to a period of up 14 days for other members of your party. Please do get in touch with us as soon you know that you have developed symptoms, as the cleaning protocols for the cottage are different and require more resources to be employed.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday in Northumberland. Your holiday experience may be somewhat different to what we are all used to but we sincerely hope that you will still enjoy the beautiful village and coastal location of our cottage in historic Warkworth and of course the soft golden sandy beaches – there are miles of them to be enjoyed along with the fresh sea air!

If you have any queries, please call us on 0191 3887447 or 07896248469.

We hope to see you soon!